Podcast: Rise of the [Friendly] Robots

May 16th, 2023 / Published in: Podcasts

Bill Santana Lee discusses the rise of friendly robots and explains that Night Scope aims to address the problem of crime and its negative economic impact by providing robotic solutions for public safety and security. Lee emphasizes the lack of federal jurisdiction and innovation in law enforcement agencies and private security firms. He highlights the limitations of human officers and guards in terms of their numbers and capabilities. Lee describes Night Scope’s autonomous robots, which can operate 24/7, observe their surroundings, read license plates, and collect evidence. He explains how the presence of these robots can deter criminal behavior and provide valuable data for prosecution. Lee expresses the need for advancements in technology, such as improved communication capabilities, to enhance the effectiveness of these robots. He asserts that traditional policing and security methods are costly and ineffective, and Night Scope’s robots offer a scalable and real solution to the problem. Lee mentions the positive response they have received from communities and the potential for further expansion.