Podcast: Sensitive Data Meets Document Streaming: A New Technology for Enterprise Businesses?

May 27th, 2022 / Published in: Podcasts

Michael McCarthy, CEO of Inkit, previously worked in the banking and financial industry. As a result, he had a behind-the-scenes view of how big players operate. This work led him to two realizations:
  1. Companies waste so much time, money, and paper because of inefficient or unnecessary processes. So why not use tech to solve that problem?
  2. Companies that replace paper-based processes usually use inflexible and inconsistent infrastructure that cause wasted work hours and leaky security. Organizations add system after system. The result? A big problem that only grows bigger. Could there be a streamlined solution?
Fortunately, Michael saw three critical missing pieces. What if companies had:
  1. A way to automate and optimize paper-based communications.
  2. A central point that lets you generate and store paperless documents from as many systems as you like.
  3. The technology to distribute all that digital paperwork securely to the right stakeholders [Document Streaming].