Podcast: Staking on Leverage with KIRA

November 19th, 2020 / Published in: Podcasts

Powering decentralized applications with the liquidity of assets at stake with Milana Valmont & Mateusz Grzelak.

Milana Valmont is the co-founder and CEO of Kira Core She was an intern at Roubini Global Economics as a Macro Research Analyst. After graduating from Fordham University Milana started working as a Private Equity Analyst at Issac Organization, and was an Investment Relationship Manager at OneMed Market. In June 2017, she joined Binance as a community volunteer and later Adcoin.com as a Project Manager and Blockchain Consultant. In 2018, she joined Knoks.io in Tel Aviv, first as a Blockchain Business Development Lead and then later became the Head of Strategy Milana has vast experience in structuring and scaling blockchain startups as well as deep understanding of crypto economics.

Mateusz Grzelak is a Chief Technology Officer at KIRA. Mateusz was Involved in the cryptocurrency space since the late 2011 and supported the interchain/web3 ecosystem since the late 2016. Previously worked at Barclays Bank as R&D Developer, lead engineer at US Based Settle Finance and as product manager at Swiss based Bity.com. He has a deep understanding of the Interchain network protocols and experience at leading software development teams.