Podcast: The Importance of Buyer Enablement

November 18th, 2020 / Published in: Podcasts

Building trust, digitally, throughout the customer journey.

Greg Dickinson, Founder and CEO, Omedym.  Greg is an experienced software executive who has helped drive growth and establish market leadership for true innovators like Ariba (acquired by SAP), Hiperos (acquired by Coupa) and now, Omedym.  Throughout his career, Greg has supported all aspects of the customer journey and has had a close-up view of the changing expectations of the software buyer.  He understands that buyers are no longer content to let the sellers control the process and started Omedym in response.  Greg is the author of The Convenience Economy: B2B, Adapt Now or Pay the Price, and the host of the podcast with the same name.

Doug Udoff, Chief Customer Officer, Omedym.  Doug has spent his entire career software space.  He has led services, support, and customer success at industry leaders like Oracle, Ariba, Misys, and Hiperos and considers himself to be a true Customer Evangelist.  Doug has worked closely with Omedym’s customers to help transition their sales and marketing approach from helping the “seller sell” to helping the “buyer buy.”  His perspective on this transition is invaluable to any software company.