Podcast: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Dementia Diagnostics and Care

May 3rd, 2023 / Published in: Podcasts

James Hamet, the founder and CEO of Vistum Labs, discusses the use of artificial intelligence in improving dementia diagnostics and care. He explains his background and passion for building technologies for doctors and helping patients. James previously founded a neurotech business called Nurable, which developed mind-reading technology to assist people in wheelchairs. Now with Vistum Labs, James focuses on addressing the clinical problem of diagnosing dementia. He highlights the difficulty in quantifying and evaluating dementia and the need for more accurate diagnoses to ensure effective treatment. James emphasizes the prevalence of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, and the unequal impact it has on women. He discusses the capabilities of Vistum Labs’ technology, which uses AI to interpret brain damage and provide results comparable to PET scans and other diagnostic tests. He mentions the importance of early diagnosis and the potential for preventing neurodegenerative disorders. James shares his vision of expanding the technology’s application to other forms of dementia and brain damage. He emphasizes the significance of building genuine friendships and fostering a sincere approach in business. The conversation also touches on personal experiences, cultural differences, and the joy of trying new foods.