Podcast: Using Tech to Grow by Doing Good

January 9th, 2019 / Published in: Podcasts

Ben Block, Founder & CEO of GozAround Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and lawyer with a passion for making a difference to those around him. Inspired by the power of technology to build real world relationships, and driven by his love of business, Ben is on a mission to change the way people, business and non-profits connect and do good.

In August 2014, GozAround launched from its base in Edmonton, Canada, with one big act of goodness. GozAround brought together big-hearted businesses from around the city to throw a wedding for a terminally ill mother of five. Complete with a limo, video, photographers, cake, flowers and all – it didn’t cost the couple a cent and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. This life changing event was designed to prove the concept behind GozAround…that people and business badly want to make a difference…they just need a better way to find, measure and share their contributions.

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