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Getting old – and wising up – at the workplace

January 5th, 2022 / By: / Published in: SillyCon Valley

You will get old…. if you are lucky, that is!

This year, I will be completing my fifty-sixth spin around the Sun, out of which I’ve spent twelve with this great organization and an even more incredible motley crew. The stories I could tell! The things I’ve learned! The fun I’ve had (and the beers I’ve drank)!

Perhaps you, or someone (or everyone) in your software development team in your early 20s or 30s and full of energy. That’s wonderful. But with the passing of time, be assured we all face the same thing: aging. This is something we forget when we talk about diversity in the workplace, the mix of people of all ages to create wiser teams. As you age, you can, however, perceive the passing of time with greater quality and accept the fact that if you do things right, you’ll get to age. And it will be fun!

I believe aging with wisdom at the workplace should include,

  • Thinking diversity and competence
  • Accumulated knowledge and experience
  • Emotional intelligence
  • An ability to get into the best frame of mind
  • Clear focus on an outcome for the collective benefit
  • Strength of character
  • Persistence, objectivity and compassion

What truly matters, though, is the synergy of all of these aspects.

Regardless of whether you are a ninja software developer, a top-notch marketer, or even a killer recruiter – you will all age. If you’re lucky, that is. Just keep that in mind when talking to your elders – or to your toddlers.

Is your workplace age-friendly? Our is!



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