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I (don’t really want to) quit!

March 17th, 2022 / By: / Published in: SillyCon Valley

Ahhh, the infamous Great Resignation!

Why are so many people quitting their jobs, some even with no new job lined up? Companies from all kinds of verticals – although this is a big thing at tech companies – are offering higher compensation, better benefits, flexible schedules, work from home opportunities and yet workers continue to leave. The dilemma lies in the lack of understanding by the employers of what their employees really want. And no, we’re not necessarily talking about bean bags, ping pong tables and truckloads of free beer, but other things like family time, self-management, autonomy, no commuting, no stringent dress codes and useless meetings, not to mention a holistic sense of purpose and belonging. We see monthly, quarterly, and annual surveys conducted by employers to monitor engagement, but none of these surveys capture what truly matters to the employees. Most surveys are “leading the witness” to ask questions that will always point to compensation, benefits, flex schedules and other short-term boosts for employees. But who dares to ask the employees, “are you happy at work? How do you feel at work every day? What’s really important for you?”

Happiness may be the most fundamental reason why employees leave. Happiness at work and in life has two key components, purpose and contentment. Do employees feel like their job has a purpose worth fulfilling, and are they content? You can’t measure happiness with periodic pulse surveys. You need them to self-reflect and record their happiness either positive or negative every single day.

We are beginning to see trends as people keep tabs on their mood daily. Imagine how these trends will evolve when we look at the happiness scores and mood trends for entire organizations! That is where the rubber will meet the road in our understanding of work culture and mental health. And as long as folks can work in their undies and slippers while bottle feeding toddlers… we’re good.


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