Podcast: Simplified Networking to Effectively Grow Your Business

April 3rd, 2019 / Published in: Podcasts, Published in: Uncategorized

Jade Brandais is the Founder and CEO of Renge, Inc., a networking platform geofenced around venues. Jade is an internationally published Technology Innovator and Networking-Technology Expert and is regularly invited for guest appearances on various shows and publications as a Social and Business Networking Expert. When speaking on public forums she offers real-life networking tips for millennials and “anyone addicted to their smartphones.”

With a background in the entertainment industry as a film producer, she is well-versed in the LA event circuit and the importance of networking.  Trying to connect with the right people to collaborate and partner with can be a daunting task that depends not solely on a resume but trust between both parties.  This trust germinates from a deep connection which doesn’t take place online but in real life.  Finding these connections may seem serendipitous but with the technology of Renge one is always in the right place, at the right time with the right people; simply, See Who’s Here.