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Redefining Business Travel Through Technology

A Conversation with Mike Cameron, CEO of Christopherson Business Travel at GBTA 2019. Business Travel: Six Decades in the Making Embarking on a business endeavor in tech is not an easy task, particularly at the early stages. Having been in business for more than sixty years, since 1953, is not only proof of undoubtedly solid Read More…

Pain-Free Travel

A Conversation with Daniel Finkel, VP Booking Experience and Supplier Strategy at TripActions at GBTA 2019. Travel is not always pain-free and enjoyable as a merry-go-round ride. Many companies are well aware of this and are keen to the idea of finding a better way. A way to take the pain out of business travel, Read More…

Finding a Parking Spot

Interview with Ron Rich, CIO The Parking Spot at GTBA 2019. Airport parking? No worries. We’ve got you covered. As if air travel was not complicated enough nowadays, sometimes just thinking of the parking hassles and headaches that come with it make us wonder if we should take the bus or train instead. Luckily, there’s Read More…

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