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Real Time Data Analytics with Event Stream Processing

In the modern business landscape, where data is generated at an unprecedented rate, companies need to leverage efficient data processing techniques to keep pace with client expectations. One such technique is Event Stream Processing (ESP), which enables businesses to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time. 

Choosing the Right Nearshore Software Development Partner

Choosing the right nearshore software development partner can be a game-changer for businesses looking to reduce their time to market and accelerate their growth. A reliable nearshore technology partner can help companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation. This article will share essential tips to guide businesses in selecting the best nearshore software development partner and explain why Encora is a top choice for companies in Latin America (LatAm) and beyond.

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 164

On this recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 2 shows: Machine Learning and AI in Mitigating Online Fraud Risks for Businesses with Dennis Weiss CEO at IPQS Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Dementia Diagnostics and Care with James Hamet Founder & CEO @ Vistim Labs Inc. Read More…

Introduction to Policy as Code

With the increasing complexity of environments and workloads of modern cloud-native applications, having the means to quickly spot misconfigurations and prevent them from hitting production is a key component to help teams move fast and with confidence that they aren’t violating any security policy.

Micro Frontends

In today’s digital world, web applications are becoming more complex and difficult to maintain due to their size and scale. Micro frontend is an architectural approach that helps developers overcome these challenges by dividing the frontend into smaller and more manageable parts. This article will cover ways of implementing micro frontends, sharing state between them, and using multiple frameworks.

How Does Privacy Enhancing Computation Work?

Privacy-enhancing computation ensures that one party cannot get access to private data from another party. This allows more than one party to collaborate, perhaps to monetize, on data without revealing the data to each other. The data stays encrypted but usable, reducing the risk of leakage or theft. Privacy-enhancing computation is big business. Gartner reports that within two years, 50% of big companies will start using privacy-enhancing computation as part of their data protection strategy. Specifically, these businesses plan to use privacy-enhancing computation to work with data in multiparty data analytics and in untrusted environments. 

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 163

On this recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 1 show: AI in the Global Supply Chain with Rui Aguiar CTO @ Expedock You can check out all the shows anytime right here:

Nearshore Software Development

Why are many large corporations partnering with nearshore teams in Latin America (LatAm)? LatAm nearshore software development teams provide superb technical skills, training, and experience, costing far less than hiring talent in North America. Choosing a LatAm nearshore partner makes sense between the cost savings and the worldwide technical labor shortage. And these are only two of the benefits of partnering with a nearshore software development team. 

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 162

On this recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 1 show: Connectivity in 2023: “Un-engineer” the Internet to Protect Your Profits with Lori Stout Chief Marketing Officer @ Bigleaf Networks You can check out all the shows anytime right here:

Metaverse Gym Token-based Outfit Marketplace Using Ethereum Blockchain—Part 1: Concepts Overview and App Showcase

In this article, we will delve deeper into the concepts of the Metaverse and focus on the topic of decentralization. To demonstrate these ideas, we will enhance our Metaverse gym proof-of-concept by integrating it with the Ethereum blockchain. This integration will allow us to issue tokens that represent outfits worn by users inside the Metaverse gym.

Handling Scope Change in Agile

What is Scope and its Management?Scope defines what a product would do and what it would not do. Considering the scope of work, organizations choose other aspects such as requirements, technology for implementation, and support. 

How to Choose an Infrastructure as Code Tool for Your Project

A recent GitHub report [1] found that the use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools has risen by 56%, with Terraform HCL being the most popular choice among respondents. Furthermore, a different report [2] also stated that 75% of respondents believe that IaC has improved their efficiency to deliver applications faster.This highlights the growing importance of IaC in modern software development, but more importantly, it raises the question: How do I choose an Infrastructure as Code tool for my project?There are several factors to consider when choosing an IaC tool, including ease of use, flexibility, and community support. In this blog,

Nearshore Mobile App Development

With smartphone users numbered in the billions, mobile applications (apps) are a rapidly growing market. By 2023, it is anticipated that mobile apps will generate well over 930 billion in revenue. The app usage rate is increasing across all demographics, especially younger ones. Designing and building a successful mobile application is imperative for many companies’ success, survival, and competitive advantage. A nearshore partnership creates the opportunity for companies to increase their productivity and the quality of their mobile apps while reducing overhead and other costs. Learn how working with a nearshore mobile app development partner increases speed to market, impact,

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 161

On this recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 1 show: AI & Customer Understanding – Reinventing SaaS Product Development with Pierce Healy CEO @ Zelta You can check out all the shows anytime right here:

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