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Podcast: AI and Contracts: Elevating the Legal Team

Vishal Sunak is the co-founder and CEO of LinkSquares, the company behind the fastest-growing AI-powered contracting platform for legal teams. Named among the 2020 Gartner Cool Vendors for Contract Lifecycle Management and Advanced Contract Analytics, LinkSquares is used by more than 400+ legal teams at mid-to-large companies, including brands such as TGI Fridays, Cogito and Wayfair, to move their businesses forward faster.

Vishal is widely recognized as a change agent in the legaltech space, where he has worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for legal teams, while elevating their visibility within the enterprise.

Podcast: Alternative Business Models in Today’s Creator Economy

Using technology to unlock value for creators in the music industry.

Ade Adeyemo spent the first part of his career in the financial services industry where he worked at JPMorgan for 6 years taking up roles within the securities based lending business and more recently in private wealth management. His interest in the music industry predates his professional career. In the early days of the ipod and mp3 players Ade used to curate playlists for himself and for friends.

After completing his Masters in Entrepreneurship from the Foster School of Business at University of Washington, Ade decided to merge his professional experience in finance with his interest in the music industry to build Joko – a video streaming platform where recording artists can tell their stories and realize a profit. Joko uses a technology-enabled marketplace to give users access to exclusive docuseries, and provide artists an alternative source of revenue. It is a technology-driven media company with an ode to the past and a keen eye on the future.

Podcast: Managing a Remote Workforce Without Sacrificing Innovation

Cross functional efficacy: Remote and hybrid teams’ best chance at innovation and interdependence.

Keith is Chief Marketing Officer of Kasasa® , the innovative leader in branded, communitypowered banking products proven to drive profit and growth. He directs growth initiatives for Kasasa and the company’s client base of more than 900 community banks and credit unions.

He also drives adoption of Kasasa, a national brand of free rewards checking accounts and other products offered exclusively at select community financial institution.

A 20-year veteran of the financial services and technology industry, Keith Brannan increases ROI for community financial institutions by aligning organizational design, differentiated brand strategy, go-to-market initiatives, and a vision for consumer and corporate marketing tactics with sales objectives. Keith designs and scales marketing products in order for community financial institutions to have access to best-in-class marketing.

Podcast: Disrupting Youth Sports Through Tech

Gary Goldberg  is an entrepreneur and third generation textile scientist who has combined his passion and unique knowledge of the craft with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit to disrupt the way sports leagues, teams and schools design and purchase customized gear for today’s young athletes.

Gary is the founder and CEO of SquadLocker – a B2C and B2B startup that has reinvented the way sports leagues, teams and schools design and purchase customized gear including uniforms, spirit wear and other apparel. Gary is extremely passionate about the impact of mentoring when it comes to helping today’s young athletes reach their full potential. In fact, Gary believes coaches, teachers and mentors are the unsung heroes in the fabric of America’s youth.

Podcast: Building Bridges to Racial Unity

Michael O’Neil is the Founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork. He is an active leader in the healthcare, entrepreneurial, and non-profit communities, including Graybridge, a non-profit he launched in 2020 alongside ten families. Graybridge, a non-profit, non-partisan, inclusive organization focuses on improving racial unity through human connection. Graybridge seeks to address deeply rooted racial stereotypes and intolerance through an interactive journey of discovery, connection, and impact to educate and empower people to improve racial equity and justice. Michael is also a cancer survivor and the founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork, a leading global digital health company that offers interactive patient engagement solutions. For more than 20 years, Michael has focused on bridging care gaps to create a seamless experience for patients and their families.

Podcast: Innovating in a Box

How to push the limits while remaining true to the business mission.

Paul Hanges is the CEO of JibJab, a leading independent provider of social expression content specializing in digital branded entertainment eCards, satires, messages and now, personalized books! As an accomplished digital media, marketing and technology leader, Paul has a wealth of experience overseeing growth strategies for large-scale content production studios, and has been on the forefront of the digital branded entertainment experience for more than a decade.

Paul joined JibJab in 2016 as its chief operating officer where he was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the studio, in addition to direction and performance of the legal, accounting, paid media acquisition and customer service teams. Since starting at the company, Paul has introduced new performance management processes, revamped budgeting and forecasting modeling, and secured several new production financing deals for the company. He was named CEO in January of 2019 after the company was acquired by Catapult Capital.

Podcast: AI & Robotics: On the Edge

Pramod Raheja, is the CEO & Co-Founder of Airgility, Inc., a company focused on artificial intelligence and aerial autonomous systems based in the Washington DC Metro area and a spinout from the University of Maryland. He is an entrepreneur of 20+ years and a longtime member and past president of the Entrepreneur’s Organization of Washington DC.

He is a graduate/mentor of the Founder’s Institute, Mass Challenge US Air Force Labs and the Fedtech Accelerator Program. He holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT. Pramod thinks of himself as half geek and half sales guy and believes Airgility is at the forefront of an aerospace revolution. He lives with his wife in Potomac Falls, VA and just became an empty Nester with two awesome boys attending Virginia Tech.

Podcast: Using Technology to Improve Health Outcomes

How can consumers become empowered patients?

David, a Navy Gulf-war veteran, is a seasoned technologist with more than 22 years of experience. He has participated in two IPOs and delivered more than 10 applications to market in the Salesforce eco-system. Over the last decade, Franklin has focused on cloud computing and machine learning for health care applications.

He has studied at Moody Bible Institute, Penn State, and MIT. His recent venture, knowRX, was formed after losing his father in 2018, due to a medication side-effect. Here, his desire is to help empower patients, improve conversations, health literacy and the quality of life while taking a medication.

Podcast: Product Led Growth for B2B Developer Tools Companies

What is Product Led Growth and how can it benefit B2B and mainly B2D companies as the main go to market strategy.

Shimon Tolts is the CEO & Co-Founder at Datree, which prevents Kubernetes misconfiguration from reaching production.

After receiving his first PC at 8 years old, his first act was to disassemble it and connect the different parts. At 15 Shimon started his first company, providing web hosting on top of Linux servers in the pre-cloud era. He established and managed the Software Engineering Infrastructure department for 400 engineers at ironSource. Also as an AWS Community Hero, Shimon runs the largest AWS user-group worldwide and an avid speaker at conferences. Shimon co-leads the Israeli CNCF chapter.

Podcast: Shared Homeownership: a Faster Way to Build Equity and Access Homeownership

As an immigrant from Canada and first generation American along with citizenship to Lithuania/EU, Eric Chebil graduated University of Washington with a BS in Construction Engineering, double minoring in Architecture and Finance. Prior he was on the U.S. national rowing team and understands firsthand what it takes to overcome challenges and teamwork. Eric has over 10 Years of experience in real estate including managing teams and projects while working for top global general contractors including Kiewit and Swinerton Builders, and brokering real estate homes at Christie’s International and mortgage loan originations at Chebil Realty.

Eric has a background in the fields of engineering, general contracting, construction management, and green building consulting. Credentials include a California Bureau of Real Estate Broker’s license, mortgage loan originator’s license and certification of LEED AP BD+C status. Previously has founded Chebil Realty managing several Realtors, Eric understands and lives in the housing crisis firsthand in LA.

Podcast: The Future of the Data Revolution

Can data & privacy co-exist? with Harrison Tang, CEO @ Spokeo.

Harrison Tang is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Spokeo. He started Spokeo with his college roommates Mike Daly (CTO) and Eric Liang (CIO) in 2006 in his parents basement in 2006. and serves as Spokeo‘s Chief Executive Officer.

Harrison guides Spokeo‘s product vision to build an experienced team that helps the company realize its mission of making the world around us more transparent. Under his leadership, He Harrison has helped build and scale Spokeo ’s user base from zero to serving tens of millions of users. He is passionate about building products that help customers get their jobs done.

Harrison earned a B.A.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Economics and a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Podcast: How the Virtual Marketplace is Refitting Event Services Professionals

The virtual event marketplace as a bridge uniting professionals in the event industry.

Pedro Góes is the CEO of InEvent, a Y Combinator venture-backed company providing an event, marketing, and sales platform for Forbes 2000 Global companies, including Amazon, Coca-Cola, KPMG, Santander, Unilever, Boeing, Embraer, and Citibank.

Early in his career, and during college, Pedro started a company with which he had more than 10,000 monthly active paying users. He is a Y Combinator Alumni, a 40 under 40 founder by Association Magazine, a UK Event Tech Award Winner, and a Gold Crocodile Award Winner.

Podcast: Can Grocers Compete with Amazon?

Stefan Kalb is the CEO and co-founder of Shelf Engine. Kalb co-founded Shelf Engine in 2016 to address the global food waste pandemic he experienced first-hand with grocers. Prior to Shelf Engine, Kalb spent 7 years as the CEO of Molly’s, a healthy grab-and-go food company he started in 2009. While Kalb grew the company to more than 400 regional retail locations, food waste was eating into Molly’s bottom line. Hungry for a solution, Stefan and Shelf Engine co-founder Bede Jordan developed a model to considerably improve perishable food forecasting.

After successfully cutting Molly’s food waste in half, Kalb and Jordan quit their day jobs to launch Shelf Engine with a mission of transforming the food supply chain by helping grocery stores reduce waste and increase sales through intelligent forecasting. Today, Shelf Engine has nearly 200 employees and manages orders for leading grocers at thousands of locations nationwide.

Podcast: Pets and Dating Apps

How having the right niche community makes sense within the world of dating apps.

Leigh D’Angelo is CEO and Co-Founder of Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App and Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App. Leigh started Dig and Tabby with her sister and co-founder Casey Isaacson. Dig and Tabby build relationships so pets and pet lovers live healthier, longer, and more joyous lives with the humans who love them. On Dig, find compatible matches, meet up in the digital dog park, and plan dog-friendly dates. On Tabby, hang out in the Cat Tree, get tips and tricks from vets and trainers, and find someone who is compatible with your cat-forward lifestyle. Both apps also have deals from local pet companies so you can win over their dog or cat from the start with a unique treat!

Leigh has a background in investigative journalism and TV news reporting, homeland security and emergency response management, and nonprofit development. She also supports the web modernization team for NASA and is an anchor on NASA TV.  Leigh’s background helped form the way Dig and Tabby celebrate the passion and commitment of dog and cat lovers through the Dig and Tabby apps, with dog-friendly events nationwide, and by building a dedicated community of single cat-lovers and dog-lovers. Leigh lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her German Shorthaired Pointer Penny and husband Adam.

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