Connectivity in 2023: “Un-engineer” the Internet to Protect Your Profits

Scheduled for: April 19th, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Featured, Interviews

What does your internet connection have to do with your bottom line? As it turns out… everything.

Summary of the video

Lori Stout is the CMO of Big Leaf, a company that provides technology to help internet traffic prioritization. The company acts like a network of veins to prioritize internet traffic and get it where it needs to go. Lori discusses her career path and how she found her passion in customer marketing and product marketing. She also talks about how Big Leaf differs from most SD-WAN products by not having a security component, making it a great fit for those who have a firewall provider they love and don’t want to change. She explains that Big Leaf works with any internet service provider and fits into a customer’s Cloud Tech stack, acting as an asset instead of something to manage.


Lori Stout is the Chief Marketing Officer for Bigleaf Networks. Bigleaf provides internet connectivity without complexity, making it easy for IT pros and their organizations to conduct business on the internet with confidence. Bigleaf’s unique network optimization solution adapts traffic to circuit conditions in real-time to preserve application performance and optimize user productivity despite circuit outages. The Bigleaf solution integrates seamlessly with established firewalls, ISPs, and applications, takes only minutes to install, and works automatically to provide immediate value.

Prior to joining Bigleaf, Lori led Marketing for Punchh, the leading digital loyalty platform for restaurants and retailers. As a result of rapid growth and accelerated brand equity, Punchh was acquired in 2021 for $500M by PAR Technology, where Lori went on to lead marketing for the PAR portfolio of solutions. She has spent most of her career in the unified communications and customer experience industries, leading and scaling marketing strategy for tech innovators like Talkdesk, Vonage, and Genesys.