The Cyber Warfare Games

Scheduled for: February 22nd, 2017, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Cyber Warfare and Contextualizing Neural Transmission in the Brain to Macro Functions.

Jonathan Curran is a Lead Cyber Security Trainer for SimSpace, and has around 2 decades of experience in the information technology field, focusing his specialty on cyber security. Jonathan’s current role is to train and facilitate live cyber warfare events for organizations; ranging from the private sector’s financial firms/banks to working with the US Department of Defense.

Today Jonathan is currently engaged in multiple R&D projects including; architecting a new quantum computing cryptography framework, and engineering self-spawning AI (artificial intelligence) that tap into your brain’s neural network to contextualize thoughts into actionable macro functions.

Lee Rossey co-founded SimSpace in 2015 with a core team of developers and cyber professionals that had previously worked together alongside the other co-founders in a national defense capacity.

Lee has an extensive track record of creating, growing, and leading specialized technical development teams tackling large, complex modeling and simulation challenges for classified applications.



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