Democratizing Financial Markets with Accessible Tooling

Scheduled for: May 4th, 2022, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Why it's important to make traditional high-tech products accessible to folks from all backgrounds.

Morgan Howell has founded and bootstrapped an eclectic landscape of five businesses after leaving Facebook as a Senior Software Engineer almost two years ago. From being the current CTO of Stock Alarm, an automated alerting tool for stock and crypto traders, and recently departing from his role as the first engineer and Director of Engineering at Learn to Win (L2W), an adaptive micro-learning platform that supports training for frontline works and the Department of Defense, to starting three family businesses: two brick and mortar (bar and barbershop), and an embeddable enterprise search engine called VeriFind to publicly verify employees — we’re not sure how Morgan finds the time, but we know he must be burning the midnight oil!.

At Facebook Morgan built out various full-stack payment products and supported payments infrastructure before joining Learn to Win and scaling the engineering team while solving complex problems like optimizing the learning process and building systems of security/compliance for deployments into classified cloud environments for the military.

Often self-proclaiming the title ‘reformed redneck’, as a first-generation college student growing up in Cottonville, North Carolina, Morgan has used his businesses to employ and support his family back home after leaving for the Bay Area. Morgan recently joined the former side-project Stock Alarm full-time as CTO in January, 2022. At Stock Alarm as Co-Founder and CTO , Morgan hopes to expand the product offering to give everyday stock and crypto traders even more power against Wall Street with smart real-time alerts, asset scanners, and a range of accessible technical indicators that let working traders and investors rest while his company does the monitoring and research.