Making It Easy to Be Active, Social, and Healthy

Scheduled for: January 5th, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

Connecting all life's activities and making it easy to join and participate in a variety of activities.

Srini Siddireddy is the Founder and CEO of SportsPlus, a sports management software platform that makes it easy to organize and participate in sports. Hundreds of sports organizations use SportsPlus to run all their sports operations, including accepting registrations, collecting payments, scheduling, communication, website builder, shop, and sports facility management.Srini has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, including founding multiple technology startups, software architect, engineer, product manager, and marketer. Srini loves to work with teams and truly believes in teamwork. In his own words, as an entrepreneur, my first startup was a failure, which only made me stronger. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this failure. SportsPlus is my second startup, where we all are determined to make sports management easy for everyone and become the best solution in the market.Srini holds a B.Tech degree in computer science from NIT Kurukshetra in India.About SportsPlus: SportsPlus was founded in 2014 to provide solutions for athletes managing their active sporting life. The first product was just for athletes. After that, SportsPlus developed a team management solution and a complete all-in-one solution for everyone associated with organizing and participating in youth and amateur sporting activities.To learn more about SportsPlus, please visit