The Metaverse Basics of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Scheduled for: January 6th, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

What is the Metaverse and how does it work? What are the ethical implications behind its use?

Sandra Vazquez is a UX and CX leader with more than 10 years of experience helping software companies improve the user experience of their products. With an entrepreneurial background, she guides companies on how to build engaging products and impact market adoption.In her role as Head of User Experience, Sandra works with clients from all around the world to discover their users’ perspectives and translate them into actionable design solutions that ultimately drive growth.She has a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona.

Dianela Gamboa is a Senior UX Designer at Encora. Having worked in Marketing for many years prior, she is able to strike the perfect balance in User Experience and understanding business financial goals while always putting the user in the center.

Fermín Chávez is a User Experience Researcher at Encora and has been working in the field for five years. Coming from a technological background, he found a new balance in research by mediating with the more human side of things. He is very interested in the playful, leisurely uses of technology and how we can reframe our world through play.