Getting Your First 20 Customers as a Startup

Scheduled for: August 9th, 2017, 3:38 pm PT / Category: Interviews

For SaaS companies just starting out, working with small budgets and still determining if there's product-market fit, this is generally one of the first big milestones to getting traction and proof that the business can be sustainable.

Mathan Parasuram is a Co-Founder of ReIntent, a B2B predictive lead generation software that answers the question every salesperson has: ‘Who should I be speaking with right now?’.

Mathan is a serial entrepreneur based in Austin Tx. He’s built businesses in industries as varied as Teleradiology, Online Car Sales, and, most recently, spent the last 10 years in Enterprise Software, where he’s counted one successful exit under his belt. He currently serves as CEO and Co-founder of ReIntent, a data platform that enables salespeople to know who to sell to and when to connect with them. He has a BA in Political Science and Economics from Emory University.

Mathan served as Vice President of Sales at iProfile, and Thinkspeed Research. Prior to joining iProfile in 2007, he worked in various sales related roles in the technology industry, and was the founder of two e-commerce companies. Mathan graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in Political Science.