Re-imagining mobility and accessibility across regions

Scheduled for: November 27th, 2019, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

How tech can power better travel.

Tal Shalit is the founder and CEO of Betterez. He has been reimagining a human-centric approach to mobility ever since he tried to buy a bus ticket online in 2011. While the attempt was unsuccessful, he ended up starting his own company and hasn’t looked back.

With a vision to reinvent the way Bus & Coach businesses operate, Betterez was formed to give operators an advantage through innovations in reservation technology. While the mobility landscape is rapidly changing, intercity bus travel remains one of the most flexible, cost-effective, and environmentally efficient modes of transportation today – and is used by billions of people around the world. Unfortunately, it is decades behind other modes of travel and Tal’s vision is to use technology as the great equalizer.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Tal manages the company’s fast-growing business across Europe, North America, Latin America and Australasia. He was previously Vice President of IT, at Porter Airlines and led several projects at Deloitte Consulting’s CRM practice in Silicon Valley, UK, Netherlands, Italy, and Canada.

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