The Social Dilemma of Behavioral Technology: Utopia or Dystopia?

Scheduled for: November 12th, 2020, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Can Artificial Intelligence be ethical, and can we create and sustain conscious technology?

Anne Cheng is the Founder of Supercharge Lab. She spent most of her early professional career in the financial industry. Disillusioned with cookie-cutter breeds in finance, Anne stumbled into entrepreneurship, first starting a technology lifestyle company in 2007. She has since started over 20 companies and ventures in Singapore and offshore, has failed extensively, and sold her ventures twice.

In 2011, she created Start Up Nation (SUN), with the mission of pushing humanity forward through building successful and robust startup ecosystems. She has consulted and brought practical assistance to over 500 startups through SUN and its resources.

In 2020, after two years of consulting with YPO Networks, Anne launched Supercharge Lab – to make the way leaders and teams work in organizations better, by removing unnecessary wastes of effort and time on processes that can be automated. The first process that Supercharge Lab is redefining is the sales process: “nobody wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to buy”.

Through automated psychological profiling of purchasing behavior, Supercharge Lab helps buyers buy, not sellers sell, and increases the propensity of target prospects responding: all of this, through carefully created messaging and laser focused targeting. Supercharge Lab’s technology helps B2B organizations reach their audiences faster and generate genuine interest from key decision makers.