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Scheduled for: November 11th, 2020, 1:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Why knowing your terrain gives you an unfair advantage.

Sridhar Ranganathan is passionate about making people more effective.

As cofounder and CEO of, he and his team are working on giving an unfair advantage to sales professionals by providing contextual intelligence on their target accounts.

Today, there is a large scale movement of B2B Sales professionals to Inside Sales. Using multiple channels such as email, phone, Linkedin and others, sales people engage with prospects. Sales is now a team sport aided by robust data, sophisticated tools and fast evolving playbooks. But the most underserved area, according to Sridhar, is account research where the sales person needs contextual intelligence about their prospects. B2Brain is the first product in the industry to solve for this problem, customized to the value proposition, product or service each sales person sells.

Sridhar was previously the first VP of Product and then VP of Corporate Development at InMobi. He built and managed the Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Jobs products at Yahoo! India, prior to InMobi. He came to Yahoo! from Zoho, heralded as one of the SaaS pioneers. There, he was one of the first product managers, managed network management products and built the “Usability” function.

Starting his career as a Ship Manager, Sridhar managed as well as sailed on bulk carriers and oil tankers. He draws from the rich experience of life on land and in water. Growing up in Coimbatore, a city in India known for its entrepreneurs, he has lived in several cities and enjoys learning new languages, many genres of music and is ready to experiment with any food as long as it is vegetarian.