A Fresh Approach to Retrospectives

Scheduled for: May 17th, 2017, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

The life blood of a team and the most important ceremony a Scrum Master has to facilitate.

Ron Breese is a CSM (Certified Scrum Master), CSP (Certified Scrum Professional), and Agile Coach, responsible for driving strategic alliances across Jornaya.  Ron spends his time focusing on building highly functioning software and product teams, while deepening and expanding the Agile mindset (and skills) across the entire organization.

Jornaya is the consumer journey insight platform that provides marketers, data analysts, and compliance professionals with the highest-resolution view of the consumer buying journey. It is the only technology platform that witnesses both first and third party consumer interactions in real time and across devices. Meeting consumers at these moments of intent enables businesses to shorten the distance between data, decision, and action.

From a servant leadership perspective, Ron strives to foster harmonious relationships with and across organizational leaders while effectively aligning teams with and supporting key business initiatives using the Agile/Scrum principles.  Ron embraces the responsibility of effectively leading individuals to mutually beneficial partnerships between internal/external users, clients, and Jornaya.

Should you wish to learn more about Agile Retrospectives, you may refer to the book Making Good Teams Great by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen. Also, the following sites, Gamestorming and Tastycupcakes are agile reference sites.



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