Talent Development in the Downturn

Scheduled for: June 30th, 2022, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

How investing in talent development can save you in a downturn.

With 2022 gloomier than expected, companies are looking to save resources. One area typically slashed is talent development but it can have dire consequences, especially for multinational and distributed workforces. Join Shavon Lindley, CEO of ion Learning, to explore how investing in your people can save your business and can actually help your people thrive during troubling times.

Shavon’s magnetic personality and ground-breaking technology & research has her speaking at many events, including TEDx, Chief Learning Officer Exchange, Forum on Workplace Inclusion, Boeing, California Diversity Conference. She is a Forbes Contributor and former host of the “The CEO Show” on ESPN where she has interviewed over 200 executives and discovered exactly what is needed for diverse talent to thrive in any organization.