The Future of Medical Training: Accelerate Human Competency via Precision VR Simulation

Scheduled for: February 2nd, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

How can VR and Haptic technology enhance human capability and improve patient care?

Richard Vincent brings 20+ years’ experience in building international businesses and has throughout his career sought opportunities for positive market disruption through technological application. It was this desire that led him to co-found FundamentalVR to help address an age-old problem for the medical market; how to create safe, realistic, measurable spaces to learn and develop skills.

In his role as CEO, Richard is responsible for building a world class team of medical professionals, developers, and technologists who together can realize the company’s ambition of creating the world’s first global, haptically enabled, low-cost virtual learning platform that spans across medical specialties.

Watch a video on how HapticVR™, FundamentalVR’s proprietary technology, works here.