Understanding the Value of a Travel Data Co-op

Scheduled for: August 23rd, 2017, 1:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

A digital data co-op provides a comparative data overview at unprecedented scale.

A digital data co-op provides a comparative data overview at unprecedented scale by bringing together massive banks of aggregated associated, non-transparent data sources from different but related verticals. Pooling data in this way reveals cross-industry behaviors and trends which would otherwise be hidden within the silos of individual businesses, giving the marketers who use it enough insight to map their campaigns back to true brand-specific marketing objectives.

Layton Han is Adara‘s CEO, and co-founded online loyalty marketing company MyPoints, and as its co-president, saw revenue and profitability more than double. Prior to serving in that role, Layton was head of business and corporate development for MyPoints, overseeing public and private company acquisitions and developing strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies.

David Morrow is a successful strategy and communications specialist with eighteen years experience across advertising sales, commercial, trade and B2B marketing, PR and brand strategy. He currently functions as Adara‘s VP of Global Marketing.



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