Why Are the Current Employee Assessment Tools Inaccurate?

Scheduled for: June 24th, 2021, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

How to deal with the trillion-dollar turnover and disengagement costs.

Cristina Imre is the CEO of Aecho. As a legacy builder, she’s driven to foster purpose-driven, empathic leadership that impacts and leaves a mark on our current and future generations.

Aecho is the result of her two decades of research, testing & applying unique and classical methods on business and people development. By doing so, she gained a unique perspective on the world we live in and how we as humans function.

“We must never forget that AI’s role is to assist us in evolving, not vice versa. The perfect blend between technology and human-centric approaches is possible, but we are not there yet. Aecho develops technology and human-centric methods that combine seamlessly.”

Adam Hocek is the CTO of Aecho. He has worked at many start-ups and several Fortune 500 companies, taking technology from concept inception to product in areas including speech processing, communication, and semantic software.

Key accomplishments include the design and development of the first portable reading system for the visually impaired. He was the lead developer of the Arizona State 511 project and initiated the design and development of a voice alerting and messaging platform used in the Benton Toxic Waste Site and later as a multimodal service in commercial alerting applications.

Adam contributed to open source communities that include the W3C VoiceXML software community, Sakai an e-learning software used worldwide in higher education, and the XWiki community.

At Aecho Adam’s focus includes overseeing the development of AI/ML for the recognition of emotions and personality traits using tonal analysis of speech with context-based intent.