Tag: Business Travel

The Superstructure of a Scalable Travel Startup

Jannik Lawaetz, the Founder and CEO of LuggageHero, discusses his company’s innovative approach to luggage storage for travelers by offering a solution where businesses throughout cities serve as storage locations for travelers’ luggage, providing convenience, flexibility, and security at a great price. What Is Luggage Storage and Why Use It? Luggage is an integral part Read More…

Modernizing Cross-Border Mobility with Technology to Promote the Freer Movement of People, Ideas, and Innovation

Erin Kopp, then Global Strategic Partnerships Manager at VisaHQ, discusses the importance of modernizing the passport and visa industry – to ultimately promote the free movement of people, ideas, and innovation. How Is Technology Modernizing Cross-Border Mobility and Visa Processing? Since 2003 VisaHQ has provided online visa services and U.S. passport solutions which enable travelers Read More…

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