Modernizing Cross-Border Mobility with Technology to Promote the Freer Movement of People, Ideas, and Innovation

Erin Kopp, then Global Strategic Partnerships Manager at VisaHQ, discusses the importance of modernizing the passport and visa industry – to ultimately promote the free movement of people, ideas, and innovation.

How Is Technology Modernizing Cross-Border Mobility and Visa Processing?

Since 2003 VisaHQ has provided online visa services and U.S. passport solutions which enable travelers to apply online for visas to virtually any country in the world. Their use of cutting-edge online technologies allows for customers to apply for travel visas simply by filling out a single, universal, and 100% paperless electronic form. For an industry that has been outdated for a long time, and with minimal changes in visa processing methods over the years, such use of technology is both refreshing and necessary.

What Software Technologies Does VisaHQ Utilize?

VisaHQ aims to provide a better experience for travelers before their travels even begin by leveraging technology to streamline the visa process. Examples of how software technology is being applied to visa processing include an online interface for form completion and digital document and digital photo uploads that save travelers time and effort by eliminating the need for unnecessary tasks like visiting the post office.

Other modernization efforts that VisaHQ has implemented are asking easy-to-understand questions, minimizing language barriers, and using online chat support. Of course, when using any technology, a strong emphasis on data security and compliance is a priority. VisaHQ is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and regularly undergoes audits and security penetration tests.

How Does a Streamlined Visa Process Benefit Business?

While visas are a requirement for both business travel and traveling for pleasure, modernizing visa processing is particularly relevant in the corporate travel sector. When travelers are not on vacation but rather are focused on growth and company priorities – efficiency matters. Since time is of the essence, and the delay or the denial of visas could severely impact the ability for companies to move forward in negotiations, offering personalized solutions and striving to be proactive in anticipating visa requirements is essential. Achieving such a high level of personalization still requires striking a balance between the use of technology and human expertise.

Technology and Visa Processing at a Glance

  1. Modernization of the passport and visa processing industry inevitably now requires software technology.
  2. Technology applications in the visa processing industry include the incorporation of online interfaces, digital document uploads, and online chat support.
  3. Data security and compliance with regulations are a priority for online visa services.
  4. The ease of corporate travel is particularly important for business growth and innovation.
  5. The need for a balance between technology and human expertise still exists in the travel industry, particularly in passport and visa processing.