SillyCon Valley

Will code for chuckles

By Carlos Ponce @ Encora/

Ok. Let's get serious now. The principles that drive high-end software development and innovation are based on a certain amount of hopeful, relentless enthusiasm that is hard to make fun of sometimes. Many recent advancements in tech focus mostly on dry accumulative developments that are technically dense and the personalities driving them are often, on the surface, quite serious.

Cartoons, however, have a way of helping us find insightful humor in anything. They often express commentary that can be more than just funny. It can be mocking, reflective, or even brutally honest yet constructive in a single panel of narrative. But the common aspect of all this is the unavoidable chuckle that makes the tech biz world more enjoyable and friendlier to contemplate.

So stay with us as we will now publish a cartoon every week about the whims and quirks of the software engineering world. We seek to provide a humorous take on the many challenges and opportunities facing tech and software these days (and every other day too). Feel free to leave your comments, hate mail or rave reviews!

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